We have different skills,
but one goal

We’ve assembled a team of super-smart, creative individuals who are dedicated to helping people overcome their financial obstacles and reach their goals.

  • 29%
    Software development
  • 14%
    Experience & product design
  • 14%
    Content strategy & design
  • 19%
    Partnerships, operations & finance
  • 24%
    Behavioural science & research
Illustration: Smartphone surrounded by skill icons

We come from all over
the world

Illustration: Passport with stamps for Canada, China, India, Nigeria, Romania, the Philippines and the U.S.

We’re big on balance

Infographic: Man and woman

We’re savers too!

  • DisneyWorld

    Disney World!

  • Travel map

    Travel the world!

  • Swimming pool

    Buy a pool!

  • Victorian house

    A Victorian house!

  • New condo

    New condo!

  • Hot tub

    Hot tub!

...And super-caffeinated

Illustration: 720 pots of coffee